Chatsworth House


Home of the Duke of Devonshire

Chatsworth House Chatsworth House

From 1811 to 1858 Chatsworth was the seat of the 6th Duke of Devonshire. Joseph Paxton was his head gardener. He was as much engineer as gardener. Together they engaged in many improvements to Chatsworth. The Pinetum and the Emperor Fountain were added in the garden. The north wing of the house was built and the estate village of Edensor was rebuilt.

In the story... Diana has grown up in Edensor. Her father is a Chatsworth gardener - effectively head gardener because Mr. Paxton is away so much pursuing other endeavours.

Chatsworth Stables Stables

In the story... Diana works as a housemaid in the Duke's home. She rides Roland to work each day and leaves him in the Chatsworth stables. The groom there takes special care of Roland, giving him attention that he cannot give the engaged Diana.

Chatsworth's Garden The 105 acres garden

In the story... The garden has been Diana's childhood playground. She enters it whenever she likes, climbing the stone wall from the woods at the back. One Sunday morning when the garden is closed to the public and the gardeners have the day off, she goes for a swim in the remote Grotto Pond. The Duke's great-nephew, Spencer Cavendish, is out for a walk and sees her there. He approaches her innocently but she is humiliated. Diana begs him to leave and he does, but he is still intrigued with her.

Emperor Fountain
The Emperor Fountain

Joseph Paxton's clever creation. It can shoot water as high as 300 feet, using a water ram to augment the gravitational force of water flowing down from a huge reservoir lake he dug up on the height above the garden.
Garden Statue

In the story...
When Spencer first sees Diana at the Grotto Pond, he wonders if one of the garden statues has come to life.