Castle Howard title

Castle Howard

Georgiana Cavendish was a sister of the 6th Duke of Devonshire. She married George Howard who became the 6th Earl of Carlisle and the owner of Castle Howard. He died in 1848 and their son, George, became the 7th Earl. He never married. He had a sister, Blanche, who married the future 7th Duke of Devonshire. They had four children who survived childhood, including Spencer and Louisa Cavendish. The siblings liked to travel each year visiting Cavendish properties and relatives.

In the story... Spencer and Louisa invite Diana to join them on their annual ramble. Their first stop is Castle Howard where they spend a few days with Grandma Howard.

Tollgate in 1910 Tollgate in 1910
The approach drive to Castle Howard is nearly four miles long. The Tollgate is the first of two gates along the way. You can see the Carrmire Gate in the distance.
Carrmire Gate Carrmire Gate
You can see the obelisk in the distance at the point where you turn right to travel the remaining one-third of a mile to Castle Howard.
Temple of the Four Winds Temple of the Four Winds
Bridge and Mausoleum Bridge over the New River with Mausoleum beyond
Royal Suite Royal Suite at Castle Howard
Queen Victoria stayed here in August 1850 on her way to Balmoral. In the story, Diana is given this room. She usually stays in the royal suite at the stately homes she visits.