Card1 title
Card 1
"In the first card he said he saw 'a dark winged creature - something from the depths of hell' to put it in his own words. He saw the blot as something very sinister. A winged creature is a popular response for this card, but he seemed abnormally agitated by it, suggesting that he's paranoid.
   "In the center area of the blot he saw a human-like figure. When I asked him if the figure was clothed or unclothed, he said it was wearing transparent clothing. This suggests that he's preoccupied with seeing through the outer aspects of people. When I asked him what sex the figure was, he said he couldn't tell. This indicates a certain ambivalence toward sex on his part. He also described the figure as being pulled about and having no voluntary control over its actions. This points to schizoid tendencies."