St Paul's Cathedral
St Paul's Cathedral

In the story... Morgan Vanderbilt, passing by in a hansom cab, happens to notice Diana ascending the cathedral steps. He hurries to catch up to her, hoping to make amends for having offended her recently. Inside, from a distance, he sees her enter the stairway to the galleries - Whispering, Stone, and Golden. By the time he has made the 100 foot ascent to the Whispering Gallery, he has still not caught up to her. He climbs another 70 feet to the Stone Gallery, completely circles the dome, but does not find her. Finally he encounters her at the Golden Gallery at the very top of the dome. Dismayed to see him, she starts back down. Morgan follows. The long descent allows him time to plead for forgiveness for his previous offensive behaviour.

St Paul's Galleries
Whispering Gallery Whispering Gallery

Stone Gallery Stone Gallery
Golden Gallery Golden Gallery