Edward Stanley 1826-1893
Edward Stanley

Edward Stanley would become the 15th Earl of Derby and one of the wealthiest landowners in Britain upon the death of his father in 1869. His family received the earldom in 1485 when his ancestor, Thomas Stanley, sided with Henry VII in the Battle of Bosworth Field. Thomas had 3,000 men with him. Richard III was counting on their support but Stanley held back until it became apparent who was more likely to win. Then he jumped in on the winner's side.

Edward had a younger brother, Frederick, who would become the 16th Earl in 1893. For the prior five years he was Governor-General of Canada. While the family was in Ottawa, his children were enthusiastic hockey fans. Lord Frederick Stanley gave the Stanley Cup to the hockey world.

In the story... Edward dances with Diana at the Buckingham Palace ball (to mark the end of the Crimean War) in May of 1856. Like many aristocrats who meet her, he is quite taken with her.

Knowsley Hall

Knowsley Hall (near Liverpool), home of the Earl of Derby

Knowsley Hall